Welcome to the Time and Talent Network

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This Site is about Building Faith Relationships

Here you can begin your conversation with people seeking to connect with your church.

  • The conversation starts where everyone can see your programs and reach out to you. We believe that by opening your virtual doors to visitors, members, and friends of your church you can engage them in a personal way from the get-go.
  • Here the church has the opportunity to keep the conversation going by seeing an overview of what participants have signed up for or what programs they are interested in. Contact information is kept up-to-date in real time by the Participants, so it is easy to carry on the dialog with individuals or program groups.
  • We believe that the church is the people, and as such we focus on nourishing and growing our relationships with one another.
  • We encourage Leadership and Program Participants to visit the site often in order to energize their church and community with their time and talents.

This Site is about Building Faith Bridges

Here you can begin your conversation with other churches seeking to connect with your church.

  • The conversation starts when at least two churches wish to participate in programs together. Churches can accomplish so much when working together.
  • Another powerful opportunity presents itself when at least two churches of different denominations choose to join in service together through our website. Churches that are ready for an interdenominational experience can prepare themselves to grow from faith based discussions and joint activities such as the food pantry, working with the homeless and other community services. These activities bring churches together and remind them of the beliefs and commitment that they share with one another.
  • Interfaith, national and international conversations can also start here. Suddenly churches overseas don't seem so far away. Suddenly we are again reminded that churches are not buildings, but souls.
  • We encourage Leadership to decide what is right for their own congregation, and we provide management tools to achieve a more open structure, if desired.

This Site is powered with the love of Christ, which knows no boundaries.

Here you can begin your conversation with us, by letting us know what you need to experience.

  • It is operated and run with the intention of delivering the tools you need to help you achieve your missions, both individually and together. Please take a look at the site Menu and explore some of the great things we've already prepared for you to utilize and then...